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What Are Corneal Reshaping Lenses?

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A patient holding a contact lens on her right index finger and a contact lens case in the palm of her left hand.

In the ever-evolving field of vision care, one innovative solution has been gaining significant attention: corneal reshaping lenses. Also known as orthokeratology (ortho-k) or corneal refractive therapy (CRT), these specialized contact lenses offer a non-surgical option to correct vision problems. But what exactly are corneal reshaping lenses, and how do they work? 

Corneal reshaping lenses are specialized contact lenses worn overnight to temporarily alter the shape of the cornea. 

Experience clarity with Golden Vision. Our eye care services and advanced technology strive to enhance your vision. Whether you need routine exams or advanced treatments such as corneal reshaping lenses, our devoted team is dedicated to maintaining your eye health.

Understanding Corneal Reshaping Lenses

Corneal reshaping lenses are specialized rigid gas-permeable (RGP) contact lenses engineered to temporarily change the shape of the cornea. The cornea, the eye’s transparent, dome-shaped front surface, plays a crucial role in focusing light onto the retina for clear vision. 

By gently altering the cornea’s curvature, these lenses can correct various refractive errors and prevent further complications, including myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism. This innovative approach allows for improved vision without needing daytime corrective eyewear.

How They Work

Unlike traditional contact lenses worn throughout the day, corneal reshaping lenses are specifically designed to be worn at night while you sleep. During this time, these specialized lenses gently and gradually reshape the surface of your cornea. 

This process adjusts the corneal curvature temporarily to correct refractive errors. As a result, when you wake up and remove the lenses, you can enjoy clear and sharp vision throughout the day without needing to wear glasses or contact lenses. 

This overnight treatment provides a convenient and effective way to manage vision problems. It offers freedom from daytime corrective eyewear and can enhance overall quality of life.

The Process

  • Initial consultation: Your eye care professional will conduct a comprehensive eye exam to determine your suitability for corneal reshaping lenses. This thorough assessment makes sure that your eyes are healthy and that corneal reshaping is appropriate for your vision needs.
  • Fitting: Custom lenses are designed based on detailed measurements of your cornea’s shape and size. Using advanced technology, your eye care provider takes precise measurements to create lenses that perfectly fit the unique contours of your cornea for maximum effectiveness and comfort.
  • Wearing the lenses: You’ll wear the lenses overnight. During this time, the lenses exert gentle pressure on the cornea, gradually reshaping it to correct the refractive error. This non-invasive process is designed to be comfortable and safe, allowing you to sleep soundly while the lenses work to improve your vision.
  • Morning removal: Upon waking, you’ll remove the lenses and enjoy clear vision throughout the day. The temporary change in your corneal curvature achieved overnight means you won’t need to rely on glasses or daytime contact lenses.

Benefits of Corneal Reshaping Lenses

Non-Surgical Solution

Corneal reshaping lenses offer a noninvasive alternative for those wary of surgical procedures like LASIK. This makes them attractive to both children and adults who prefer to avoid surgery.

Reversible & Adjustable

One key advantage of corneal reshaping is its reversibility. If you stop wearing the lenses, your cornea will gradually return to its original shape, and your vision will revert to its previous state. Additionally, the treatment can be adjusted to accommodate changes in your vision over time.

Safe for Children

Corneal reshaping lenses have been found to be particularly effective in controlling myopia progression in children. By slowing down the elongation of the eyeball, these lenses can help reduce the severity of nearsightedness as children grow.

A female patient inserting a contact lens in her right eye using her right index finger.

Considerations & Precautions

Adaptation Period

Getting used to wearing corneal reshaping lenses may take a few nights, and some initial discomfort is normal. However, most users adjust quickly and find the lenses comfortable.


Proper lens care and hygiene are crucial to prevent infections and maintain the longevity of the lenses. Regular follow-up visits with your eye care professional are also necessary to monitor your eye health and the effectiveness of the treatment.

Not Suitable for Everyone

While corneal reshaping lenses are effective for many people, they may not suit everyone. Individuals with certain eye conditions or severe refractive errors may need to explore alternative treatments.

See Clearly with Golden Vision

Corneal reshaping lenses represent a groundbreaking approach to vision correction. Offering a non-surgical, reversible, and adjustable solution, they can provide clear vision and the freedom of being glasses–and contact–free during the day. 

Whether you’re an active individual, a parent concerned about childhood myopia, or simply looking for an alternative to traditional eyewear, corneal reshaping lenses might be the perfect fit. Always consult your eye care professional to determine the best vision correction option tailored to your needs.

Take the first step towards a clearer, healthier vision with Golden Vision. Our team is ready to provide personalized care and the latest treatments to meet your eye care needs. Don’t wait—secure your appointment now and see the world with fresh clarity.

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