Myopia Management Solutions

Based on data obtained from the various diagnostic tests done during the initial consultation, as well as a relevant lifestyle history and genetic predisposition, doctors will design a customized myopia prevention program for the myopic patient. The primary purpose of the treatment program is to maximally slow down or stop the progression of myopia.

Slowing down myopia progression by 50% can reduce the chance of developing high myopia by 90%. It is also known that the higher the myopic prescription, the higher one’s chance of losing vision later in life. Therefore, slowing down the lengthening of the globe of the eye, so as to keep myopia at the lowest possible degree is of utmost importance to our children.

There are four distinct treatment therapies mentioned (Ortho-K, BT50, atropine .01% and soft dual-focus lenses), Night Wear Ortho-K is by far the most proven and effective in the control of myopia progression. Ortho-K also has the additional benefit of not having to rely on glasses or contacts to see well during all waking hours. Children, especially those who actively participate in sport activities, love the crisp vision afforded without corrective lenses, not to mention the added confidence and self-image of not having to wear eyeglasses. Virtually 100% of all night wear Ortho-K patients do not need to use glasses to see well during the day.

The most effective myopic control program is a combination of different treatment modalities as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle and good visual hygiene. Our doctors often prescribe Gold NW Ortho-K lens users Atropine 0.01% eye drops and BT50 glasses as extra protections against rapid myopia progression in children and young teens. Our doctors often prescribe Gold NW Ortho-K lens users to also apply Atropine 0.01% eye drop and BT50 glasses as extra protections against rapid myopia progression in children and young teens.

Atropine Eye Drops

Atropine at a 1% concentration has long been known to be the most effective treatment for progressive myopia. This eye drop medication at this concentration has been very popular with children suffering from myopia in Asian countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore for many years. There have been many studies that show a better than 80% effectiveness in slowing down myopia progression using atropine at a 1% concentration.

Although atropine 1% is proven to be safe and there are no long-term negative side effects. It has, however, the temporary side effects of light sensitivity and blurry near vision. Even though the side effects invariably go away as soon as the patient stops the drops, very few doctors in the US prescribe atropine at 1% concentration for myopia control.

In 2018, the landmark ATOM study of different concentrations of atropine and effects in myopia control showed that atropine at a 0.01% concentration (diluted 100 times) has 50% effectiveness in curbing myopia progression without the side effects experienced at higher concentrations. Thus, atropine 0.01% has become the standard treatment for progressive myopia. Children with myopic parents, those who spend a lot of time reading with lots of school work, and those who have developed myopia at a young age are the primary users of this once a day drop. Atropine 0.01% is not commercially available in the USA. It takes strict compounding pharmacy conditions to obtain a stable and effective eye drop at low concentration. At Golden Vision, we are proud to provide you dependable sources for good quality Atropine 0.01%.

Atropine 0.01% can also be used as adjunct treatment with other myopia control methodologies such as Ortho-K, soft dual-focus lenses, and BT50 glasses. The most recent study showed that atropine 0.01%, when used in combination with Ortho-K, increases the effectiveness of myopia control by 20% over Ortho-K lenses alone.

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