Myopia Control Glasses

Standard single-vision lenses can correct vision but are not designed to treat myopia progression. Golden Vision Optometry is one of the first practices to offer spectacles for myopia with these unique features to improve vision and slow eye growth. 

Spectacles for myopia control are the least invasive myopia control treatment. Enjoy wearing fashionable frames while protecting long-term eye health. Visit Golden Vision Optometry for a free myopia consultation to see the benefits.

Myopia control spectacle lenses are undergoing FDA trials. Please contact Golden Vision Optometry for a myopia control solution right for you or your child.


How Myopia Spectacles Work

Multifocal glasses have design features similar to multifocal contact lenses. Spectacles for myopia management have separate zones.

Typically, the center zone (sometimes the upper half of the lens) works the same way as standard single-vision lenses to correct nearsightedness. The outer zone (sometimes lower zone) refocuses peripheral light.

When standard single-vision lenses refocus light to improve vision, the lens focuses direct light as it enters the eye. Although myopia causes light to focus in front of the retina, light rays can still reflect behind the retina—known as peripheral defocus—even with standard lenses. Light falling behind the retina stimulates axial growth, making myopia worse.

Eyeglasses for myopia control redirect peripheral light, refocusing the light on the retina. Therefore, the eye receives less stimulation and reduces axial growth. Studies show myopia control spectacles can reduce progression by more than 60%.


Where Can You Find Myopia Spectacles?

While myopia solutions like ortho-k have been used for over 20 years, spectacles designed for controlling axial elongation are relatively new. Although the FDA has not yet approved myopia control eyeglasses in the US, there are options available. 

Notably, myopia spectacles are beginning to receive recognition. In 2021, the Essilor Stellest lens earned the FDA’s Breakthrough Device designation after clinical trials demonstrated the lens’ effectiveness. The MiYOSMART lens by Hoya also produced success in a clinical trial, reducing myopia progression by an average of 60%.

Myopia spectacles are slowly becoming an accepted, clinically-proven option, but they’re not yet widely available. Golden Vision Optometry is one of the first optometry practices offering spectacles for myopia control. We can evaluate your child’s vision and lifestyle needs to determine if they may benefit from spectacles or an alternative myopia solution.


See Clearly with Myopia Solutions

Spectacles are one of many options for myopia control. At Golden Vision Optometry, we’re committed to providing individualized solutions for vision and eye care. While contact lenses may be a solution for some children, your child may feel more comfortable with spectacles for myopia management. 

We can help you and your family with the best possible eye care options for your comfort and eye health. Book a free consultation for myopia today.

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