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Contact Solution

Caring for your lenses is crucial for maintaining your lenses and reducing the risk of complications. Your contact solution is a fundamental part of your contact lens care system. There are 2 main types: multipurpose care solutions and hydrogen peroxide care solutions.

Always use the contact solution recommended by the manufacturer. Lens materials and solutions can interact, affecting the lens integrity and disinfection process. It’s also vital to follow the recommended steps, whether you’re using multipurpose or hydrogen peroxide solution. 

When you’re unsure about which solution to use, consult your eye doctor at Golden Vision Optometry. We can offer care tips and help you find a solution that works for your lifestyle and eye health.

For both types of solution, rubbing the contact lens is an essential step for removing deposits or micro-organism buildup. Rubbing time can vary according to the solution manufacturer, but typically patients should rub the lens for between 5–20 seconds.

Remember to always check the expiry date on your contact lens solution. Some manufacturers may also include a discard date, indicating when the solution is viable after opening. Usually, contact solutions should be used or discarded within 90 days. Preservative-free or single-use solutions should be discarded within 24 hours.

Eye Drops

Eye drops are a treatment tool for various eye conditions from dry eye to myopia. Over-the-counter (OTC) eye drops can help relieve symptoms of eye allergies, irritation, or redness. Your optometrist can also prescribe medications in eye drop or ointment form. 

While not every eye problem requires prescription eye drops, your optometrist is a great resource for OTC eye drops since there are countless brands and variations available. We get to know you and your eye health so we can recommend products and solutions for your unique eyes. 

You can find many eye drop options with us, or we can help you determine if eye drops are an appropriate treatment for your symptoms.

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When you have an eye problem, we can recommend an eye care solution. Golden Vision Optometry carries a wide variety of products for our patients’ visual needs. Browse frames, contact lens brands, and more online or visit us in person to get a closer look at our selection. 

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